ASAP Trailer Service is a FULL SERVICE repair company. We provide all types of repairs, from basic maintenance to collision damage and everywhere in between. We are dedicated to provide quick personal service. If a customer needs a light bulb replaced in the parking lot – we can do that. If a customer buys a new truck and needs a gooseneck hitch – we can take care of it. When a customer needs the bearings repacked – we can handle it. If a customer has been involved in an accident and needs major trailer reconstruction – we can do that too. Although we do not currently build out living quarters we do repair living quarters. Whether it is an appliance problem, a plumbing issue or something else we will be glad to repair it for you.

If your trailer is under warranty, we may be able to handle those repairs as well. We have worked with many the trailer manufacturers on warranty related issues. If your dealer is not close by or no longer in business give us a call. Our service department is ready to take on whatever challenges our customers can throw at us. We do repairs, maintenance or modifications to over 1500 trailers annually.


*AIR BAGS – We can add air bags to most trucks which increases carrying capacity giving you a level ride and improved steering control.

*AIR CONDITIONING – A/C Packages can be installed to your tack room or cargo area to keep you or your show stock cool on the road. We also can replace your existing a/c if or when it fails.

*AWNINGS – We can install or repair most brands of awnings. We are a Dometic awning dealer and stock many repair parts as well.

*AXLES – Bent axles are common in our industry. Damage from impact or overloading is quite common. Bearing failure can also damage spindles requiring axle replacement. Axles, (particularly torsion axles) do wear out in time and can cause tire trouble.

* BEARINGS & BRAKES – Possibly the single most important service for your trailer is bearing and brake maintenance. When this service is performed we first check the brakes. Then pull down all hubs, clean and inspect the bearings. We then inspect the brake assemblies for proper operation and wear, repack the wheel bearings and reassemble the hubs with new seals. Next we adjust and recheck brake application and check the breakaway system for proper operation. We check all tires for wear and age. We then set all tire pressure (including spare) to specification.

*BRAKE CONTROLS – We carry and install a full line of Tekonsha brake controls. All of these controls are inertia activated therefore they can automatically respond to your trailer braking needs. These can be adjusted to meet each driving style and are ready to respond in a panic situation.  

*COLLISION REPAIR – We have the capability to repair anything from a fender bender to major collision damage including structural damage. We will work with you and your insurance to complete the job in the best way possible and in a timely manner.

*COUPLERS – Couplers get bent and can wear out. We carry and install couplers made by Bulldog, Atwood, Fulton & Pop-up

*ELECTRICAL – From exterior lighting to living quarter repairs we can handle your electrical repair needs. Some jobs take only a minute some are a little tougher.
TIP* In an effort to save you money you should always check the trailer bulbs and tow vehicle fuses first. Most vehicles now have separate fuses for the trailer light systems – consult your owner’s manual.

*FENDERS – Stuff happens. We can straighten fenders (in some cases) or replace them for you.
*FLOORS – Rotten floors are a safety issue. Even aluminum trailer floors can corrode creating weak areas and holes leading to an unsafe hauling surface. We can check or replace your floors for you.

TIP * Clean dry floors far outlast dirty damp floors. Keep debris off the floor surfaces. Leaves or dirt on flatbeds and shavings in livestock trailers hold moisture and promote decay. Just because shavings are dry on top does not mean urine or water is not doing damage under the mats.  Always wash out urine and others goodies from livestock floors and allow then to dry before replacing any mats.

*FLOOR MATS – We can replace your worn mats or cut to fit new mats for your trailer. Other than comfort and protection, mats ad a barrier of insulation and traction for your precious cargo.

*GENERATORS – we offer maintenance services on most brands of generators. We stock Onan replacement parts for most common gensets.

*GOOSENECK HITCHES – We are an Authorized Dealer for B&W gooseneck hitches and keep most hitches in stock. We are ready for your new vehicle hook-up.

*HINGES – Hinges come in many forms and fashions. We can replace your worn or sagging hinges allowing doors and gates to close and latch properly.

*HOLDBACKS – Door holdbacks can be added or replaced to keep the wind or gravity from closing the door on you or your animal while loading. Holdbacks are also used to keep drop feed doors in place while under way.

*HYDRAULIC LIFTS – I have never had any customer regret the investment of a hydraulic jack. We are an Equalizer jack dealer and can install or repair yours for you.
Hydraulic jacks are a quick and secure option to the dreaded sweat involved in hooking and unhooking your trailer. Typically equipped with a manual override, these jacks can be operated even if your battery fails or is discharged.

*JACKS – Most trailers have manual jacks. We can replace or repair your jack if it gets bent, damaged or just plain hard to operate.

*LATCHES – We can replace your door latch should it malfunction or your keys are lost. We also sell key blanks for some major manufacturers

*LIFTS – Blocking axles is a common process allowing additional ground clearance as well as vehicle to gooseneck clearance. This can also give you the extra clearance to keep septic tanks or other parts of the trailer frame from dragging.

*LIGHTING – We can repair or replace lighting as needed. We can also add auxiliary lighting to meet your needs.

*INTERIOR REPAIRS – While we do not currently build out living quarters we can complete most repairs ”in house” regardless of the interior or trailer manufacturer.
*PLUMBING – From fresh water to septic we pretty much do it all.

*RAMPS – We can add a custom ramp or repair your existing ramp on most trailers.

*REFRIGERATORS – We can repair or replace your Dometic or Norcold refrigerator.
Cooling performance does not necessarily warrant a new refrigerator. Gas refrigerators require maintenance to keep them working at peak performance.
*ROOF VENTS – Replacement or addition of roof vents is common in our climate as the Texas heat can crack plastic covers. Also aluminum 2 way vents can be added to better ventilate horse or cargo areas while traveling, even in the rain.

*SUSPENSION – Worn out suspension can lead to tire and axle problems as well as frame fatigue. We can repair or upgrade your suspension including new springs, equalizers, shackles, hangers, u-bolts or any other suspension related item.

*TIE DOWNS – Cargo control is a must. We can add tie downs to meet your hauling needs.

*TRIM – Replacement trim for doors, fenders and other moldings will weather and need to be replaced from time to time. We also can replace most door gaskets as well.

*WALL MAT –Wall matting is designed to help protect you trailer as well as your horse. We can repair or replace damage wall mat to insure the safety of both.

*WELDING – We offer carbon steel and aluminum welding services. Repair welding along with custom or new fabrication is a regular part of our business.